OPVaI- 313011W085 (2019-2023) Scientific and Research Centre of Excellence SlovakION for Material and Interdisciplinary Research

logoThe Project is aimed at enhancing the research and innovation infrastructure and also the capacities for the development of excellence in the field of research and innovations as well as for the support of competent centres of European interest. The specific Project objective is to increase the research activities via better coordination and consolidation of scientific and research potential of research institutions. Website


INFRAEDI-05-2020 (2020-2023) Targeting Real chemical accuracy at the Exascale

TREX is a highly integrated initiative that gathers most European leading scientists in quantum mechanical simulations of extreme accuracy in the framework of stochastic quantum Monte Carlo methods. This methodology represents one of the highest steps in precision in the ladder of electronic structure approaches and is uniquely positioned to fully exploit the massive parallelism of the upcoming exascale architectures. The marriage of this sophisticated approaches with exascale computing is bound to enable molecular simulations of unprecedented accuracy for complex scientific and industrial applications, meeting the growing demands for robust and predictive calculations in materials design.

VEGA- 1/0223/19 (2019-2022) Computational design of novel functional materials

The project focuses on broadening the vistas of the technologically important materials with transition metals and lanthanides by predicting and targeted design of new as-yet unknown phases using theoretical approaches based on atomic-scale quantum-mechanical modelling, evolutionary algorithms and direct phonon method. The studied systems will encompass new electronic materials for spintronics, multiferroics and superconductors. This study will allow for designing of the most effective and technologically attractive structural forms of the newly predicted phases particularly tuned for the functionality in question in accessible pressure and temperature ranges.

APVV-18-0168  (2019-2023) Quest for novel inorganic compounds with nickel, palladium, copper and silver by DFT modelling and ion beam synthesis

The current project aims at a thorough theoretical and experimental study of all important stoichiometries, which are currently missing from the structure map of binary oxides and halides of Group 10 (Ni, Pd) and 11 (Cu, Ag) metals. Absence of these simple chemical stoichiometries is disturbing and calls for an explanation. What are the reasons for these white spots on the huge seas of chemical stability? Are these compounds truly unstable? Or, maybe, they could be stable but not enough attention was paid to them? Answers to these and related questions will be given within the project using state-of-the-art approaches for search of new materials that will rely on combination of computational modelling at the atomic level and experimental physicochemical techniques, reactive magnetron sputtering deposition and ion implantation. Our strategy meets the urgent need of the modern world for highly effective screening of the unknown potential of available natural resources and the most economic use of available research infrastructures.


APVV-18-0161 (2019-2023) Quantum Monte Carlo for strongly correlated electronic systems

n recent years, single-determinant fixed-node diffusion Monte Carlo (FNDMC) reached high-standard accuracy in a number of diverse systems (where mean-field methods like DFT do not suffice) ranging from weakly bound noncovalent complexes to strongly correlated systems like solid transition-metal oxides at high pressures. Thanks to its favourable CPU cost scaling, parallelism, and direct access to periodicity, FNDMC gains popularity as an unprecedented benchmark tool for large realistic complex many-electron systems. Recent results however suggest, that the expected accuracy is not always accessible, sometimes the results are overvalued, or they depend on the parameters that have been ignored to date. The reason being incomplete understanding of FN approximation (FNA) and its interplay with other possible biases. Our goal is identification and development of deep conceptual understanding of the key FNDMC error sources in strong interaction limit. We plan to uncover the currently unknown links between generic nodal (position-space) properties (e.g.,topology) of fermionic wave functions, and, their connection to the structure of many-determinant expansions and 1-particle reduced density matrix occupation numbers, as well as separation of electron correlation energy to dynamic and nondynamic (strong, multireference) component, which will enable fundamental understanding of FNA limits and decoupling of FN-bias from other bias sources of FNDMC. We also plan screening of FNDMC accuracy in strongly interacting model systems and unprecedented method developments that go beyond FN approximation. In addition to deep physical insights to the strong correlation effects in complex many-electron systems and limits of FNDMC methodology, the results of the project will enable rational usage and fine bias control of this method valuable for large systems.


ESA PECS (2019-2021) Preparation for ATHENA MISSION by establishing Slovak Research Team oriented to existing X-ray missions and AGN study 

The aim of the project is to create and train a new satellite data analysis team, targeting mainly XMM-Newton (ESA), Chandra (NASA) and Swift (NASA) missions aimed at accretion systems, to prepare the currently non-existent platform for the future X-ray mission Athena (ESA). The project aims to have two aspects: X-ray data processing and active galactic nuclei (AGN), the first mentioned having a very weak base in Slovakia, and no longer exists at all, and is one of the main objectives of the planned ATHENA mission. During the first phase, the team must be able to process raw data from XMM-Newton, Chandra and Swift missions to obtain energy spectra and light curves. In the second phase, team will initiate systematic research on AGN and publish its results in scientific journals.


VEGA- 1/0418/18 (2018-2020): Time of Flight (ToF) system for Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA) based on digital nuclear electronics

The ToF ERDA (Time-of-Flight Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis) system will be implemented using the latest digital electronics modules. Extension of the experimental and analytical base of the 6 MV tandem ion accelerator by HE (high energy – tens MeV) HI (heavy ion) ERDA. Determination of the depth concentration profiles of all elements of samples, from hydrogen to atoms with atomic mass of primary ions. The aim of the project is to design and implement the ToF system for the 3D measurement (mass / energy / yield) using the digital nuclear electronics based on high-speed (up to GigaSample/s) digitizers (FPGA). ToF ERDA solution will be implemented as a real-time control system evaluated as a safety-critical process.


Schéma Návraty(01.04.2018 - 01.04.2019)Predictive modelling of new finctional materials for technological applications

The project focuses on search for novel materials for innovative technologies by means of atomic-scale computational modelling. We will gain new insights into fictionalization of transition metals in form of new inorganic compounds and their attractive solid-state phases. The computational approach will be based on learning algorithms combined with quantum-mechanical Density Functional Theory methods. The project will be realized in two stages. In the first stage, new systems with transition metals will be mapped and their crystal structures characterized. In the second stage, we will shift our attention to physico-chemical properties with the aim to functionalize the new systems for applications in electronics and spintronics.



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 (all papers here)

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Fields of interest of ion beam technology

  • Exposed parts in the automotive and engineering industries (injectors, camshafts, valves, bearings, etc.);

  • Medical and biological applications (prosthesis of materials with originally insufficient abrasion-resistance);

  • Surface nitration of stainless steels by ion implantation with the aim to improve their abrasion-resistance while attaining high corrosion-resistance;

  • "Stents" (endoluminal blood vessel prostheses), nonporous stents for additionally controlled dosage of drugs, biocompatible and blood-compatible materials, etc., for modern medicine;

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