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Advance Technologies Research Institute (ATRI) of The Faculty of Materials Science and Technology  in Trnava, Slovak University of technology in Bratislava (MTF STU) offers within the IAEA Coordinated Research Project (CRP) Facilitating Experiments with Ion Beam Accelerators (G42008) access to its Ion Beam Analysis and Ion Beam Modification infrastructure for IAEA Member States scientists without access to related analytical and irradiation techniques. STU provides access to Ion Beam Laboratory and expertise in ion beam analytical techniques.

Access to the facilities in the Laboratory of 6 MV Tandetron and 500 kV ion implanter within the allocated beam time capacity is free of charge for international academic users, whose scientific proposal was approved at ATRI MTF STU as well at IAEA within CRP G42008 project.

To apply for access to the ATRI infrastructure facilities, scientific proposals should be submitted by filling in the application form and sending it to the contact person address.

There are two calls for proposals each year with deadlines 31 May and 30 November.

Approved application can be passed on the IAEA as the CRP G42008 guest project proposal.

It is expected, that the results from experiments at the ATRI facility infrastructure will be disseminated in the public domain. In publications the local associate should be included as a co-author.

The use of the ATRI infrastructure and of the funding project must be properly mentioned in publications (for example: The work was supported by the ESIF project ITMS: 26220220179 University Science Park CAMBO) and IAEA CRP project No. G42008 and measurement were carried out atthe ATRI MTF Trnava of STU Bratislava infrastructure.

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